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This photo has an extraordinary story in the literal sense, it's out of the ordinary. I entered a room of the temple and there was a sunbeam coming through the roof, our footsteps stirred up dust and random shapes began to appear... not so random... I started to see "things" and asked my wife to throw more dust into the air... total connection energy! Human faces began to appear, also a dog's face. I managed to take 3 photos revealing my vision. Could there have been a form of communication between our world and the beyond? This photo, being metaphysical, will be printed and sold in only 30 copies. 


Available sizes : 

  • 30x40 (A3)
  • 30x45 (A3+)
  • 40x60 (A2)
  • 50x70
  • 60x90
  • 70x110
  • 100x100

All-connecting energy

500,00 €Prix
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