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The bathtub, a luxurious consumer dream still for the common mortals... now imagine this same bathtub in the middle of the desert in the early 20th century... and the questions arise: who used the bathtub, when was the last time it had water in it, did children make a mess playing, was there hot water or just cold water, how did it get there, and how was it abandoned? All the houses in this ghost town were invaded by the desert sand. The contrast between the freshness after a bath and the current invasion of sand is striking... it's left to our imagination...


Available sizes : 

  • 20x30 (A4)
  • 30x40 (A3)
  • 30x45 (A3+)
  • 40x60 (A2)
  • 50x70
  • 60x90
  • 70x110
  • 100x100

Le bain

150,00 €Prix
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