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Climbing the country's most famous dune at 5 a.m. without my usual two cups of coffee in my belly is one thing... but more than the dune itself, the cherry on top is at the summit... eyes full of sweat and sand, there's more to come... sitting on the "blade" of the dune, the sun rises slowly and quickly at the same time... and the landscape appears, the vastness, the copper color, a canvas painted by the hand of the universe, gratitude pounding in the chest, a click to make eternal a fraction of time.


Available sizes : 

  • 20x30 (A4)
  • 30x40 (A3)
  • 30x45 (A3+)
  • 40x60 (A2)
  • 50x70
  • 60x90
  • 70x110
  • 100x100

Sunrise on the desert

150,00 €Prix
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